Holloway Houston’s 2020 catalog is now available for download. You may download our full catalog or in sections.

Our product section highlights the various types of wire rope slings and synthetic slings in our product line.

In the rental products section, we highlight our testing capabilities and services such as load testing equipment, rigging inspection, and inspection and repair.

Learn more about our testing department and our 10,000 test bed.

Read more about our Hammerhead slings, Silverback HHIperlift slings and Python Pipe Retraint slings.


Silverback HHIperlift Slings


Hammerhead Slings

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HHIppo Link | Soft Shackle

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Python Pipe Restraint

HHI Industrial & Construction Brochure

Industrial Brochure

HHI Catalog

Company Brochure

Rigging Inspection Services

Rigging Inspections

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Rigging Training


Map Hurricane Tracking


Personnel Baskets | Skid Pan Rentals