Skip Pans Rentals

Need a safe and efficient way to load, lift, and unload heavy materials? Rent skip pans from Holloway! Our skip pans are built to make on-site material handling easier, with strong heavy-gauged solid steel sides and a sloped end for easy loading and dumping. We have good skip pans available from 2,000 to 8,000 lb standard capacities to meet all your material handling needs.

Skip Pans — Handle Materials Safer and More Efficiently

Skip pans are an invaluable job-site tool that makes on-site material handling easier. Safely and efficiently move raw materials, equipment and construction supplies to wherever they’re need on the job site. And with a maximum capacity of 8000 lbs, you can do so in fewer trips, saving time and money.

With Holloway Rentals, add or return skip pans as needed to keep your job moving. Our quick turnaround ensures a smooth workflow and keeps unneeded equipment out of your way, for a safer, more efficient operation.

Holloway Skip Pan Specifications

Holloway has a complete line of skip pans for rent that meets ASME BTH-1 design standards and the stringent safety requirements of ASME 30.20 standards, both for “Below-the-hook Lifting Devices.” This guarantees you a safe and efficient operation using our skip pans.

 Holloway’s skip pans are made with heavy gauged solid steel and feature a sloped side on one end for easy loading and dumping. They also have forklift pockets at the bottom for easy maneuverability. Or add wire rope slings to your skip pan rental for handling by crane. Our skip pans meet ASME BTH-1 design standards and stringent ASME 30.20 safety requirements for “below-the-hook lifting devices.

Holloway’s skip pans range from a 2,000 to 8000 lb capacity. They meet both ASME BTH-1 design standards and ASME B30.20 safety requirements.

Key Skip Pan Features

At Holloway, we provide only the best products for our clients. How good are our skip pans? Check out these key features.

  • 2000 - 8000 lb Capacity
  • Steel Sides, Sloped on One End
  • Forklift Pockets
  • Four top lift points
  • Two Additional Lifting Lugs for Dumping
  • Bright Safety Yellow Paint
  • Meets ASME B30.20 Standards
  • Conforms to ASME BTH-1 Design Standards
  • Tested to 125% of working load limit

Additional Services

In addition to our skip pans, we also offer a full line of lifting slings to complement our spreader bars, rigging supplies, and hardware. Whether you need additional lifting accessories and rigging solutions, Holloway has you covered.

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