Multi-Point Lifting Beams by Holloway

At Holloway, our multi-point lifting beams are expertly designed to tackle lifting challenges that conventional methods struggle with. These innovative beams feature multiple lifting points strategically positioned along the underside, enabling the secure and efficient lifting of cumbersome, heavy, or unbalanced loads. We offer these multi-point lifting beams for both rental and sale, providing flexible solutions for various lifting needs.

We offer a diverse selection of multi-point lifting beams to match your specific requirements:

Modular Multi-Point Beams: Providing the utmost flexibility, these beams boast a modular design. This allows for easy configuration of lifting points based on your load's unique dimensions and weight distribution needs. Whether you need a multi-point lifting beam for rental or purchase, our modular beams are a versatile choice.

Adjustable Multi-Point Beams: These beams balance adaptability and ease of use. They feature a user-friendly mechanism for modifying the spacing between the lifting points. Our adjustable multi-point lifting beams are available for both rental and sale, make sure you have the right equipment for your specific application.

Fixed Multi-Point Beams:  For applications with consistent load requirements, our fixed beams offer a reliable solution with pre-configured lifting points for efficient and straightforward lifting tasks. These beams are perfect for both rental and purchase, providing robust and secure connections.

Custom Multi-Point Lifting Beams

Looking for customized multi-point lifting beams to meet your specific needs? Holloway offers tailored multi-point lifting bars for rent or sale. Whether you have specific requirements or unique applications, we can customize multi-point lifting beams to fit your exact needs. Our custom solutions provide the ideal answer. Get your personalized multi-point lifting bar for rent or purchase from Holloway today.

Why Choose Multi-Point Lifting Beams?

Flexibility and Cost-Effectiveness: Deciding whether to rent or purchase a multi-point lifting beam? Renting is ideal for one-time or infrequent lifting needs, offering a cost-effective solution and eliminating storage requirements. Purchasing provides long-term cost savings and making sure the equipment is ready whenever needed. Holloway's expert team is ready to help you select the most suitable rental or purchase option for your specific project requirements.

Wide Range of Options: We offer a variety of multi-point lifting beams, including modular, adjustable, and fixed options, to suit different applications. Our beams comply with lifting beam standards and regulations, providing safe and efficient lifting operations.

Quality Assurance: At Holloway, we place a strong emphasis on quality assurance. Every multi-point lifting beam we rent or sell undergoes rigorous inspection and proof testing to meet and exceed industry standards. Our beams are maintained to the highest standards to uphold safety and performance.

Expert Support: Our team of experienced engineers and fabricators is ready to assist you in selecting the ideal multi-point lifting beam for your specific application. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide the perfect rental or sale solution.

Additional Services

In addition to multi-point lifting beams, we also offer a full line of lifting slings to complement our spreader bars, rigging supplies, and hardware. Whether you need additional lifting accessories and rigging solutions, Holloway has you covered.

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