Rigging Spreader Bars

Optimize your lifting projects and achieve cost savings with Holloway's Rigging Rental Services. Eliminate the need for custom fabrication and reduce project overhead associated with equipment storage and maintenance. Rent the equipment you need and return it upon project completion.

Rigging Spreader Bars by Holloway

At Holloway, we specialize in designing and manufacturing the high-quality spreader bars for rigging, providing safe and efficient solutions for your heavy-lifting needs. Our spreader beams are designed to establish a strong link between your load and the crane, effectively meeting all your application needs. Holloway is providing the spreader bars for rental and sale. Renting spreader bars can be a cost-effective solution for short-term projects or when specific equipment is required only occasionally. Our rental options offer flexibility and convenience, giving you access to top-tier equipment without the long-term commitment of purchasing. For those looking for permanent solutions, we also offer spreader bars for sale.

Spreader bars are engineered with a unique system that effectively spreads the load evenly over a larger area, working under compression. This design maintains balance and stability, adding to the longevity of the equipment. Our spreader bars are the perfect solution when load control is critical or when the lift points are significantly separated. They also perform efficiently even when headroom clearance is limited, making it easy to lift long, narrow cargo horizontally.

Types of Spreader Bars

Holloway offers a range of spreader beams for rigging tailored to suit your needs:


Fixed Spreader Bars:

Our fixed spreader bars provide a robust and reliable solution for heavy lifting operations. These bars are designed to provide strong, secure connections and are ideal for applications with constant lift points. Renting fixed spreader bars from Holloway means you get equipment that withstands rigorous use, delivering optimal performance and safety. For those in need of a permanent solution, our fixed spreader bars are also available for sale.

Adjustable Spreader Bars:

Our adjustable spreader bars offer the same support for long loads as the fixed versions but with added versatility. The design allows you to adjust the length incrementally to fit your needs. Holloway provides custom-fabricated adjustable spreader beams meeting ASME, DNV, API, and various industry standards. 

Key features include:

  • Fabricated to accommodate various brands of shackles.
  • Proof-tested.
  • Includes a data book containing all mill certs, NDE reports, proof-test certs, weld certs, etc., as applicable.

Also, our adjustable spreader bars are proof tested to increased loads and designed with different specifications. For quicker delivery, Holloway stocks prefabricated, adjustable-length spreader bars. All our spreader bars are proudly made in the USA and manufactured to meet all ASME B30.20 and OSHA regulations. Whether you need them for rental or sale, we have the right adjustable spreader bars for you.


Custom Spreader Bars:

Looking for customized spreader bars to meet your specific needs? Holloway offers tailored spreader bar services for rental and sale. Whether you have specific requirements or unique applications, we can customize spreader bars to fit your exact needs. Our custom solutions provide the ideal answer. Get your personalized spreader bar from Holloway today.

Why Rent Spreader Bars?


Flexibility and Cost-Effectiveness: Renting spreader bars is a cost-effective solution, especially for short-term projects or occasional use. It provides the flexibility to access the right equipment when you need it without the capital expenditure associated with purchasing. For long-term or permanent solutions, our spreader beams are also available for sale, offering durability and reliability for ongoing projects.


Wide Range of Options: We offer a variety of spreader bar rentals to suit your specific needs. This includes lifting beams, forklift spreader bars, crane spreader bars, steel beams and more. With our diverse rental inventory, you'll have access to the right equipment for any lifting project, promoting flexibility and cost-effectiveness.


Quality Assurance: At Holloway, we place a strong emphasis on quality assurance. Every product we rent or sell undergoes rigorous mag particle inspection and proof testing to meet and exceed industry standards. Our spreader bars are maintained to the highest standards to uphold safety and performance.


Expert Support: Our team of experienced engineers and fabricators is ready to assist you in selecting the ideal spreader bar for your specific application. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide the perfect solution.

Additional Services

In addition to spreader bars, we also offer a full line of lifting slings to complement our spreader bars, rigging supplies, and hardware. Whether you need additional lifting accessories and rigging solutions, Holloway has you covered.

Need Assistance?

If you're considering which equipment best suits your job or have questions about our products, contact or email our specialists. Our expert team is ready to assist you in selecting the ideal spreader bar for rental or sale for your specific application.