Silverback Slings by Holloway

One of the most successful and popular offerings by Holloway Houston, Silverback Slings by Holloway are lightweight synthetic slings made to withstand large loads. Designed to offer exceptional performance under grueling conditions, they are capable of lifting loads anywhere from 8 tons to 600 tons at 5:1 ratio.

From hard items to fragile ones, you can use Silverback Slings by Holloway to lift any load. Resistant to physical and chemical abrasions, and exhaustion, these slings have become an industry standard. However, keeping with its tradition to provide the users with products made using the latest technology and performance specifications, Holloway Houston has relaunched Silverback Slings by Holloway as Silverback Slings.

Silverback Slings

Made with Honeywell Spectra® fibers, Silverback Slings are better and enhanced series of new-generation lifting slings made from space-age materials and high-tech design processes.

  • High Specific Modulus - Excellent for lifting and mooring in ultra-deep water, highly cut-resistant
  • Saltwater Resistance - 100% proof-tested for resistance to prolonged saltwater immersion at ultra-deep levels

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General and Technical Data


Most conventional roundslings, wire ropes, and braided ropes generally require reasonably large and fixed diameters in relation to the lifting potential. However, Silverback Slings offer superior rigging efficiency compared to their traditional counterparts.

Unlike braided ropes or helically-laid stranded yarns, Silverback Slings use a unique oversized triple cover with a parallel laid yarn inside. It allows you to reshape the slings, making them fit perfectly on the load-bearing surfaces.

Silverback Slings have a design factor of 5:1 (ultimate = 5 times rated load). These slings are rated in tons. Users are advised to not exceed the rated capacity to avoid potential accidents.


To achieve the loads it was designed for, the Silverback Sling System needs to have a minimum of a 3:1 D/d ratio. In other words, the size of the pin around which the slings goes must have at least three times the diameter of the sling at the bearing point.


Sling ratings are based on a standard wide-body shackle (or equivalent bearing surface) of equal or greater capacity.

Ratings & Design Factors

  • Stronger: Silverback Slings have up to 40% higher specific strength compared to aramid fibers (Technora, Kevlar), along with excellent toughness and durability.
  • Lightweight: Silverback Slings are remarkably light; a vertical 15′ 75-ton sling weighs less than 75 pounds. As a result, you can manipulate them without the use of special equipment or work-rated ROVs.
  • Reduced Elongation: They have a maximum of 3.8% at breaking load.
  • Floatation Properties: They are lightweight with 0.97-g/cc density. So, they tend to remain relatively stable in the deep water.
  • Prolonged Saltwater Immersion Tolerance: The Honeywell Spectra® testing showed no reduction in lifting capacity after six months of saltwater immersion. It showed only 1% to 2% loss after 12 months of immersion.
  • They have excellent fatigue resistance.
  • Superior damping characteristics (vibration, shock, and impact): Silverback Slings can withstand high-load strain rate velocities.
  • High Specific Modulus: Excellent for lifting and mooring in ultra-deep water.
  • Exceptional high-pressure resistance.
  • High chemical resistance.
  • Good UV resistance.
  • Highly cut-resistant.
  • Made in America: All Honeywell Spectra® fibers and cover materials are manufactured in the U.S. Sling fabrication and load testing are performed at HHI’s Houston facility.
  • API-Q1 standards of design, calculation, and large sample testing, as well as other proven methods are used in the development of Silverback Roundslings.

Silverback Slings by Holloway High Performance Roundslings (HH-SP & HH-SPE)

HHI Part Number
Endless Roundslings
HHI Part Number
Eye and Eye Roundslings
Vertical WLL
in M Ton
Choker Hitch
WLL in M Ton
Vertical Basket
WLL in M Ton
Wide Body
HH-18T-SP HH-18T-SPE 18t 14.4t 36t .81 18t 1.43
HH-25T-SP HH-25T-SPE 25t 20t 50t 1.13 30t 1.75
HH-50T-SP HH-50T-SPE 50t 40t 100t 2.26 55t 2.38
HH-75T-SP HH-75T-SPE 75t 60t 150t 3.39 75t 2.86
HH-100T-SP HH-100T-SPE 100t 80t 200t 4.52 125t 3.5
HH-125T-SP HH-125T-SPE 125t 100t 250t 5.65 125t 3.89
HH-150T-SP HH-150T-SPE 150t 120t 300t 6.78 150t 4.29
HH-175T-SP HH-175T-SPE 175t 140t 350t 7.91 200t 4.77
HH-200T-SP HH-200T-SPE 200t 160t 400t 9.04 200t 4.93
HH-225T-SP HH-225T-SPE 225t 180t 450t 10.17 250t 5.57
HH-250T-SP HH-250T-SPE 250t 200t 500t 11.30 250t 5.89
HH-275T-SP HH-275T-SPE 275t 220t 550t 12.43 300t 6.21
HH-300T-SP HH-300T-SPE 300t 240t 600t 13.56 300t 6.52
HH-350T-SP HH-350T-SPE 350t 280t 700t 15.83 400t 7.16
HH-400T-SP HH-400T-SPE 400t 320t 800t 18.09 400t 7.48
HH-450T-SP HH-450T-SPE 450t 360t 900t 20.35 500t 8.43
HH-500T-SP HH-500T-SPE 500t 400t 1,000t 22.61 500t 8.91

*Larger Capacities Available upon Request.