5 Considerations for Choosing the Right Rigging Company in Your Budget

If you are looking for a rigging company to satisfying the heavy lifting needs of your construction site or oil rig etc. you must pick the right company for your needs and requirements. You don’t want to be choosing a company that isn’t able to satisfy your rigging needs, just because it doesn’t have the expertise or experience to do so. You must not only choose the right rigging company, but also make sure it’s within your budget. You don’t want to be choosing a company that charges an exorbitant sum of money for rigging services, something that you cannot afford over the long term.

So, let’s take a look at some of the considerations, you must keep in mind to pick not just the right company for your rigging needs, but also somebody who delivers the services you want, in your budget.

What is your budget?

You need to first work out a budget for your rigging operations. To do this, you will need to have a talk with your project in-charge or the work place supervisor. You will need to talk to the people who are expert in working out a rigging budget and who have a very clear idea of working out the rigging costs involved to satisfy the heavy lifting objectives of your work place. Make sure that the right people are in charge of budgeting for your rigging needs; while entrusting responsibility to these people, give them an idea of a figure you are looking at, in your mind. Ask them to zero in on a budget that revolves around this figure.

Research the Market

Get an idea of the market and the reputed names in the rigging industry. Rigging is a specialized job, and it’s of primary importance that you only work with a company whose expertise and experience is trusted by your peers. So, start researching for the names of companies offering rigging services and draw up a list of those companies who you believe are a right fit for your project. In order to come up with these names, you could ask your team, friends who operate in the same industry, or use the internet. Tap into all the sources at your disposal to come up with a list of rigging companies that have made a name for themselves through the quality of their rigging operations.

Make sure that the companies on your list have experience in handling your kind of project requirements.

Talk to These Companies

Start talking to the companies in your list. Until and unless you discuss your project with them you won’t get a quote from these companies. Project discussion will also give these companies an idea about the level of expertise and experience needed for the rigging operations, the amount of time they need to put in and the kind of equipment that must be pressed into service. This will help them work out a quote for your project.

Compare Quotes

Different companies will offer different quotes for your project. Some will fall within your budget and others will be way beyond it. So, remove those names on your list that have made a quote that you find very expensive. After that, get in touch with the companies who have quote an acceptable sum for your project. Understand their costing and the kind of resources they are going to put to work on your rigging project vis-à-vis their quote. You will want to work with a company that offers you comprehensive rigging services for the figure quoted. You don’t want to work with a company that has quoted a sum that falls within your budget, but will offer very limited services.

Comparison allows you to zero in on a company that will put the best equipment and personnel to work on your project at a price that falls well within your budget.

Shaking Hands

After you have identified the company that you believe is a perfect fit for your project, have a comprehensive discussion about your project with them, and see how they can bring down the costs of working on your project, even further. You might find they have factored in an expense that could be cut down, for e.g. they have chosen an expensive wire rope for your project, when a cheaper wire rope will do just fine.
Once you are done discussing the project and arrive at a final costing figure mutually acceptable to both you and the rigging company, shake hands on the project.

Word of Caution

Before we end, a word of warning – choosing the right rigging company in your budget doesn’t mean choosing a company that works at bottom of the barrel rates. You need to work with a company that understands its job well and who won’t make compromises on the rigging operations. In such cases, you might find that you will have to pay a little more than what you initially budgeted for; but it makes perfect sense for you to pay a little bit more and work with a skilled company that understands everything about rigging and complies with the all the precautions needed for safe rigging operations.