Load Monitoring System : LMS

Load Monitoring Systems (LMS) are experts in developing and producing load monitoring goods and services, such as winch monitoring systems, load cell sales and rentals, and crane safety instrumentation, and we lead you to these magical experts at Holloway.

We offer everything from the best customer service to reliable products and services of Load Monitoring Systems such as running line tensiometers, compressive load cells, load links, load pins, and combo kits.


Load Link

The best load links in the market are now available. These steadfast load links have subsea variants available on request with an unbeatable accuracy of <0.5% of applied load. The team behind these load links has designed these to be rigged so that they could be operated with a Working Load Link (WLL) of the same capacity. Your safety is the topmost concern, so each unit is load-tested and certified before reaching your doorstep. LMS’s load links are trendy because they boast a resilient, lightweight construction crafted from high-tensile aluminum.

Load Pins

Sturdy load pins are designed to fit seamlessly into mechanical systems. They're super accurate, with 1% precision, built tough with a 5:1 safety factor, and proof-loaded up to 150%. They're also customizable with subsea variants, bridge designs, and plug-in connectors. And with an IP67 enclosure standard, you can always rely on LMS's Load Pins from Holloway for top-notch performance..


Finding the perfect onsite load monitoring is now a cakewalk. Presenting the spectacular LMS Combo Kit with a centralized Bobbin, safety bow shackles, and a multifunctional T24 HA Handset that can be used for both load link and load pin operations. You just sit back and relax. You need only one wireless handset, and you will get all of the equipment supplied in a custom transport case. This combo kit gets more prodigious with its Wireless Data Logging feature, including a Wireless Base station receiver and Logging Software.

Compressive Load Cell

The never-ending find for the compressive load cell ends now. Holloway has brought you the catered solution with LMS’s Compressive Load Cell that is dependable and guaranteed to adhere to all LOLER rules with the appropriate certification. This product has standard capacities ranging from 2Te to 1000Te, giving unsurpassed accuracy of more than 1% and extra support base flanges that are easily customizable.

Running Line Tensiometer

Leave all your worrisome days behind you and discover the most accredited Running Line Tensiometer in the market. This remarkable product has everything, from improved data logging capabilities and a matching line monitor display to an expanded capacity of up to 120Te. This hidden gem comes with a line mount supplied with tether/swivel mount as standard with the options for bolt-on feet or trunnion mount with simple and quick access for line/rope fitting. The silver lining is a marinized design for corrosion prevention in offshore environments.